Digital Marketing Salary in India :The Marketing Nerdz Podcast Episode 17

Digital Marketing Salary in India :The Marketing Nerdz Podcast Episode 17

Digital Marketing Salary in India :The Marketing Nerdz Podcast Episode 17, In this episode of The Marketing Nerdz Podcast, Karan Dharamsi, CEO of The Marketing Nerdz answers one of the most important and frequently asked questions.

So without further ado, here is the question that our CEO, Karan Dharamsi is going to answer for one and all in today’s Podcast:

“How much can I draw in salary as a Digital Marketer if I am just starting out in the Industry?”

Karan reveals the Brutal and Honest truth that has been masked under various articles and posts that guarantee you a high paying job with a annual income of 7-8 lakh rupees.

He also shares an example of how people raise the expectation in their minds after reading our seeing ad copies that show BIG NUMBERS and offer BIG PROMISES.

Towards the end, Karan speaks about what factors are considered while a Company hires a fresher and what are the actual numbers you should be expecting.

Expecting a salary of Rs 1 lakh a month as a fresher is INSANE and to prove the point further, he shares his personal experience from his Engineering days!

So to conclude, here’s the summary once again for you:

As a Digital Marketer, you will be potentially starting off at the same point as a Engineering Graduate or an MBA graduate in the industry. And to be honest, if a Digital Marketer starts at an equivalent package to that of an Engineer in just 3 months, it is really, really AWESOME!

Once you hit the right cords, there is no stopping!

To know more about growing and gradually expanding you career as a Digital Marketing Professional, stay tuned as Karan Dharamsi, will be sharing the details about the same on our upcoming podcasts!

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