Digital Marketing Weekly #14

Digital Marketing Weekly #14

Digital Marketing Weekly #14, For more on this week’s breaking news, check out the full DMW #14 here:

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“Hi guys Wayne here from Noble Samurai with another edition of Digital Marketing Weekly. Based on your feedback, we’ve decided to change up the format of DMW.

Each week we want to give you a quick summary of what’s happening… in the fast moving worlds of Video Marketing, SEO and Social Media… so that you can get up to date fast and stay on the pulse. This week we’ll be looking at:

The critical change that Facebook have just made to the way they rank your videos 6 Powerful Video Marketing Trends That Will Shape 2017

PLUS what Mark Zuckerberg just announced about Facebook and the future of video

So let’s jump straight into it….

The critical change that Facebook have just made to the way they rate your videos

This week Facebook announced a change to the way… they choose videos to feature in your News Feed.

In the past Facebook have used a range of signals… to determine how engaging a video is. These include how long a video is watched, whether people choose to turn on sound and whether people open the video in fullscreen.

The latest change is that Facebook will now be… weighting “percent completion” more heavily the longer a video is. What this means for video marketers is that… longer videos will most likely see a boost in distribution as long as they are engaging, compelling and deliver real value to your audience. 6 Powerful Video Marketing Trends That Will Shape 2017

The folks over at have identified 6 video marketing trends that you need to be aware of in 2017. These top trends are:

#1 Facebook Live: Facebook live is a fantastic way to engage with, and grow your Facebook community. If you’re not familiar with Facebook live, it basically gives you the ability to quickly and easily do a live broadcast direct to your audience. It’s perfect for Q & A sessions, and giving your audience the chance to come behind the scenes of your business and engage with you personally.

#2: Instagram Video: Instagram Video is very similar to Facebook Live, and gives you the ability to broadcast to your instagram followers. The main difference is that once your live broadcast is complete, it disappears.

#3: Snapchat Video: This one offers a number of options to choose from including paying for video ads in between users’ stories or sharing your own stories with your audience.

#4: 360 Video: With Virtual Reality growing in popularity, some businesses have started investigating using 360 video. Recording a 360 video allows your viewers to move their position within the video and look around. This can be great if you have a visual space that you want your audience to explore. For example you could take them on a tour of your office to meet the members of your team. #5: Interactive Video: This emerging video format gives your viewer the experience of “choosing their own adventure” through your content. This is likely to become more and more popular in the months ahead.

#6: Webinars: Video based webinars are not exactly new, but they are still an important tool… in your video marketing arsenal for 2017.

Facebook and the future of video
Today, Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s quarterly results… and provided an update on the company’s primary goal… of building a global community. Zuckerberg indicated that Facebook now has almost 1.9 billion users with 1.2 billion active everyday. He also pointed out that 65 million small businesses… are using Facebook to connect with their customers.

But what was most interesting was that he indicated… that Facebook’s biggest focus moving forward is… “…to be putting video first across our family of apps”

This means that the opportunities for building… a global audience for your business have never been better, and that video is going to be the most effective way… to connect with your customers for many years to come. Ok, so that’s what’s been happening in the world of video marketing, content marketing and social media this week. Join us again next week, when we’ll once again provide you with the latest developments… to keep you and your business on the leading edge of digital marketing. Bye for now!”, ,

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