Golden Bing PPC training course 2015 – Digital Marketing Power

Golden Bing PPC training course 2015 – Digital Marketing Power

Golden Bing PPC training course 2015 – Digital Marketing Power, Master Bing PPC at:

This is an exclusive Bing PPC training module. This is a valuable information that I share with my team and prospects – Go ahead and learn, implement, and ACHIEVE your business goals. I’m here to serve you are my subscriber – Subscribe to our channel to get tons of value.

Advertising through Bing on their PPC (Pay per Click) platform can be profitable if you know the right campaigns to set up. Here are my top five Bing campaigns according to how well they performed for me;

Skin Care; the skin care niche is one of the most profitable campaigns for me on Bing. You should go and look around for products that deal with skin care problems like acne and then write a detailed review about it on your blog. Bing campaigns work well when you link the advert to your blog that has a well written review. This will enable the reader who clicks on your advertisement to trust that you are referring them to a reputable product that has decent reviews.

Finance; finance offers also do very well on Bing PPC. If you are looking to venture into this market or if you are already writing articles in this field, you should take some time and test out search advertising on Bing. Specific offers that deal with investing in gold do very well on this platform.

Mapping Software; mapping software like the galaxy map toolbar that give the user directions from their computer have also performed very well for me on Bing. You can get the specific offer on affiliate networks such as Peerfly, Maxbounty or Neverblue. However, make sure that you set up a landing page first that should explain to the person who clicks through your ad how the toolbar works. Do not assume that just because a person is using a computer that he or she will automatically know how to use a map toolbar.

Bible reader; the bible reading toolbars are also a major hit on Microsoft Ad center. These offers are also available on the affiliate networks that I have mentioned above. Please make sure that you do not link directly to the toolbar from your advertisement. This will hurt your conversion rate because most people do not respond well to that style of affiliate marketing.

Targeted niches in the health category; there are some “small” niches within the health and fitness category that will also do very well on this platform. These “small” niches include things like back pain problems, foot pain problems and also juicing. Just make sure that you select very specific keywords for your campaigns. For example when you are targeting the back pain niche, go for keywords that are focused on getting solutions to get rid of the back pain. Search for keywords like “how to get rid of back pains”. Avoid the use of general keywords that do not specify an action like “back pain”.
These are the five areas that I have encountered success with when adverting on the Bing PPC platform. Feel free to test them out and see how they perform for you. I would just like to remind you that kindly do not just grab your affiliate link and place it on your advertisement. This is because Bing has set some metrics that are checked by their robots. One such metric is the quality score of your advert. This is determined by their robot which matches what you are offering on the advertisement and what the content on the page you are linking to is talking about.

For example; do not set up an advertisement on how to get rid of back pain then link it to a page that talks about weight loss. This will give you a low quality score and make you pay more per click than you would have paid if you had linked to a page that talks specifically about how to get rid of back pain. The higher your quality score, the lower you pay for each click and the more profitable your campaign is. A good number to go for is 8 and above.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. I would strongly advise you to start considering PPC and specifically Bing PPC as an alternative source of traffic to your blog or website. It does not matter if you have a small budget or not. What you need to do is to be willing to take action on what you learn from me. If you are interested in discovering about more winning campaigns that have worked for me, then click here.

This author is a prolific writer and entrepreneur who is focused on helping people start and grow their online businesses to earn to the level of 7 figures a year. He likes working with serious people to set up and market their online business without having to fully depend on Google, Yahoo or Bing. Click Here to Sign Up for his coaching program.

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